A Marple Family

This family group of Marples begins with William Warren Marple (1825-1919) and Susan Maria Tracy (1834-1911). William Warren was born on September 24,1825, at Davisville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He served as an officer in the Civil War (US), lived in Wollaston, Massachusetts, after the War, and spent his last years in Seattle, Washington, where he died on March 25, 1919.

Lucius Elliot Marple (1868-1963), the only surviving son of William Warren, and a man of great entrepreneurial spirit, went west to Seattle in 1904. He had taken his bride, Martha Thayer Folsom (1870-1967) of Winchester, Massachusetts, and an early graduate of Smith College, with him on an exploratory honeymoon trip to the west coast and did not use the return ticket.

The five children of Lucius Marple and Martha Folsom: Warren Hilliard Marple (1905-1992), Elliot Marple (1908- ), Catherine Thayer Marple (1909-1983), Richard Folsom Marple (1910- ), and Marcia Tracy Marple (1912- ) were all born in Seattle and know well its early years.

Blessed with very long lifespans, in just three generations, the family offers historical anecdote to more than 170 years of American history. Today the descendants of William Warren and Susan Tracy represent many families (see Index to Families). We hope you will enjoy your visit to this website, and find it helpful and stimulating as you develop and maintain your family history. We will be sharing our own historical journey as it happens.

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