Descendants of Civil War Soldiers who fought at the
Battle of Honey Hill, South Carolina, November 29 and 30, 1864

Photo* taken October 23, 1999, at the
135th Anniversary Memorial Service on site of Battle of Honey Hill

From left to right:

Elizabeth M. Bentley, ancestor was Lt. Col. William Warren Marple, 34th USCT; R.C. Dix, ancestor was John A. Salton, 144th NY Volunteers; Curtis William, Curtis Leon, and Elbert Derald Smart, ancestor was Col. Smart, 3rd SC Cavalry;Veronica Tuten, ancestor was John Asa Tuten, Hampton County, 3rd SC Cavalry; Gary Myers, ancestors were James & Daniel Myers, 144th NY Volunteers; Virginia Ryan, secretary of Jasper County Historical Society, ancestor was Edwin M. Jones; Harold W. Guerry, President of Jasper County Historical Society, ancestor was George W. Johnson, 3rd SC Cavalry; Paul Fisher, ancestor was Alexander J. Fisher, Col. I., 127th NY Volunteers; Andrew Bowman, ancestor was Sergeant Andrew Jackson Smith, 55th Massachusetts USCT; Roger Harley, ancestors were John Allison Edenfield and James Preston Harley, both 3rd SC Cavalry; Peter Risher, ancestor was Tyler Edwards; Donald Vest, ancestor was King Morris, 102nd USCT, Tom Edwards, ancestor was Lt. James A. Driggs, 25th Ohio Volunteers; and Jackson S. Gouraud, ancestor was Col. George E. Gouraud, 55th Massachusetts USCT.

* Photo is provided, courtesy of "Jasper County Sun," The Sun-Times Inc., 104 S. Railroad Avenue, P.O. Box 1030, Ridgeland, SC 29936, 843-726-6161.

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